By modern definitions, an elixir is a sweetened, aromatic solution carrying medicinal and magical properties that support health, well-being and longevity of life. But since time immemorial, humans around the world have sought for ways to prolong life, even to immortality.

The first writings we have of such formulas date to ancient Egypt, and there are hundreds of known names for these magical, medicinal potions throughout history: Cintamani in Buddhism; Amrita or Soma in HInduism; Haoma in Zorastrianism; Ambrosia to the ancient Greeks... The word “elixir” itself dates to the 7th century, and derives from the Arabic name for miracle substances, “al iksir.”

This pursuit reached a more recent pinnacle with the alchemists of the 17th century, in their renowned quest for the elixir they called the “Philosopher’s Stone,” which was said to impart eternal life, and symbolized the finest form of perfection, the culmination of enlightenment, and heavenly bliss.

In that sense, the truest aim of imbibing an elixir is to attain acclivity of the soul and perfect body-mind-spirit integration. "Elysium" means, "a state of heavenly bliss," and so, our elixirs are designed as offer healing, rejuvenation, and the Elevation of Being. 

What are Elixirs?

"Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause and effect of all harmonies.”

~ Rumi, 13th century Sufi mystic

The Base

We start with the base... any healthy, healing or nutritive liquid will do. A base can be cold or hot, and this will depend on what kind of elixir you wish to create. Some examples are tea, juice, broth, or kombucha. Elysium Elixirs begin with a base of plain water kefir... a slightly sweet, mildly tart and delightfully effervescent, naturally fermented vegan drink that’s rich in beneficial probiotics and enzymes. Studies have shown that water kefir is supportive to the immune system and may help fight cancer. Our delicious water kefir is crafted in small batches with filtered water & organic cane sugar by Portland-based DriftWest. 

Herbal Extracts

The extracts you choose will depend entirely on what you need from the plant medicines. Some herbs are tonics, and work best when used over a period of time. Others are fast-acting for immediate effects. Extracts can be made in various ways, using alcohol, glycerine, CO2, or water-based infusions or decoctions. Taste is a crucial element of a magical elixir, and important to consider for your potions, whenever possible. Some may have similar effects, but one may taste nicer than another or blend better with your other ingredients. Our extracts are potent alcohol/ glycerine extracts, called tinctures, diluted with spring water. Even though tinctures are made with alcohol, the content in our elixirs is about 9 ml per 12 oz serving, or .25%. All plants used for these tinctures are organic or wild-crafted, and ethically sourced.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of the volatile oils from single plants, using steam, expression or CO2. Not all plants have essential oils and not all essential oils smell wonderful. In addition, only some essential oils are safe to be consumed internally. Some are safe to applied to the skin directly, others are too strong and must be infused in a carrier oil to be applied. All essential oils that are produced for use can safely be used for aromatherapy, meaning to gain therapeutic effects from inhaling these oils. The oils we use here are sourced from Liberty Naturals in Portland, have been thoroughly tested for purity and safety, and are safe to be ingested in tiny amounts. We like to use essential oils in our elixir blends both for the wonderful scent and flavor they add, and also for their incredible healing properties. 

Flower & Gem Essences

While teas and tinctures impart the physical medicines offered by plants, flower essences work through the principle of resonance in the subtle body, offering healing for the emotional and spiritual aspects of a Being. All living things carry a unique vibrational frequency. Flower essences are the imprint of that vibration, a kind of personal message, captured in water and stabilized with a small amount of alcohol. They contain no scent nor constituents, and in fact, no trace of material can be found even with a microscope, as the entirety of their medicine is in their vibration. This is the element of our elixirs we consider "magical." Our flower essences come from Hummingbird Flower Essences in Northern CA.

Flavors​ & More

Any other additives can be various and sundry, ranging from powdered superfoods to liquid vitamins, or any other supplement you think will contribute to both the intention and taste of your concoction. Elysium Elixirs use raw, organic superfoods to both flavor and color our magic potions. The wonderful thing about superfoods is, not only are they delicious, they provide incredible nutritive and healing properties, such as anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and many other phytonutrients. We've chosen our superfood powders not only for their flavors and health benefits, but also for their brilliant colors, as we believe color is, in and of itself, an alchemical component that can affect the soul and support the energy centers of the body. To sweeten our blends we add a zero calorie simple syrup made from Erythritol and Monk Fruit extract.


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