Our Story

The vision seeds for Elysium Elixirs were planted in 1993, in a little village on a mountain ridge in the California Sierra Nevada Foothills, where a young woman named Xochi, apprenticed to a Medicine Woman, found her purpose with flowers and plants as she learned how to grow, wild-craft, harvest, process, and formulate herbal remedies. Xochi went on to travel and study with many teachers of many kinds all over the world, and became a certified Herbalist. Those little vision seeds sprouted into a full-fledged aspiration to share the wonders of plant medicines, and to concoct the most delicious, creative soul-supporting elixirs, and after many years in development, Elysium Elixirs were born. 


At Elysium Elixirs, we are excited to share with you plants from all over the world, tried and true over literally thousands of years of use. Inspiring and supporting others to raise their personal bar to a more natural, healthy, clean and sober lifestyle is our intention. Our passion is to blend up bright, beautiful, delicious, creative and effective concoctions. And our greatest joy is the look on your face when you try our elixirs, and when you share with us your experiences of how these magic potions have elevated your Being! 


Currently operating as a mobile bar, Elysium Elixirs can be found at parties, events, festivals and markets in Portland, OR and the West Coast region. In the near future, our products will be available to purchase online. Check out our upcoming events, and contact us to book us for your function! Committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients available, we use organic and local suppliers whenever possible. We strive to minimize waste, especially plastics, and all our beverages are served in compostable cups. 


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