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Vitalidad Movement Center, Portland

Friday, February 14, 7pm-1am

InSpirit​ ~ Love
w/ Living Roots, Manoj, AHME, and more!
InSpirit weaves together an experience for us to rejuvenate and rejoice through connection, libations, workshops, dance & music. Every second Friday of the month we gather to play, dance, stretch, laugh, learn, and be our authentic selves. Spoken Word and MCing by Niema Lightseed, with music shared by Living Roots, Manoj and AHME. The One Heart: Tantric Gong Healing workshop will be facilitated by Kriyanna & Mahkah Elumen
Prisma (by Living Prism)
w/ Tor, El Papachango, Morillo
Air thick with swirling waves of sonic pleasure, our pulse deepens, beating to the rhythm. Echoes of deLight divide and refract like moonbeams scattering rainbows through our crystal cavern. This Spring, we answer a primal whisper beckoning us to indulge our senses and sensuality. Dreamy live art, sultry stage performers, revitalizing elixirs, and diamond precision sound by Funktion One.
When / Where:​

Vitalidad Movement Center, Portland

Saturday, March 7, 9pm-3am


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